? Rechargeable LED flood light,Rechargeable portable LED flood lights-Portable LED flood lights

The features of Rechargeable LED flood lights 
1. High voltage, low current, energy-saving, environment friendly 
2.  Use high capacity and quality battery,longer using time,more safety.
3. Performance stability, high IP rating of water-proof and dust-proof
4. The lamps can be hand-held or vertical
The Illuminant parameters of Rechargeable LED flood lights:
Led Type: High Power Led(COB)
Beam angle: ≥120°
Power factor (PF) :≥0.95
Charge-Discharge Cycle Count:1000 times
Starter press count:100,000 times 
Color:White/Warm White(2800-7500K)
IP Degree:IP65
Frequency (Hz) :47 to 63Hz
Color index (CRI) :≥80Ra
House& lampshade:Aluminium alloy
Housing Colour:Black,yellow,green,blue and silver grey available 
LED life span: 5,0000 hours 


Model CL1 Series COB led flood light 10W COB led flood light 20W COB led flood light 30W
  COB led flood light 50W COB led flood light 70W COB led flood light 80W
  COB led flood light 100W COB led flood light 120W COB led flood light 150W
  COB led flood light 180W COB led flood light 200W COB led flood light 240W
Model CL2 Series LED Floodlight 10W LED Floodlight 20W LED Floodlight 30W
  LED Floodlight 50W LED Floodlight 60W?/td>  
Model CL4 Series LED Floodlight 10 Watt LED Floodlight 20 Watt LED Flood light 30 Watt
  LED Flood light 50 Watt    
Model CL5 Series  LED Flood light 120W LED Flood light 150W LED Flood light 180W
Model CL6 Series portable LED Flood light 10W portable LED Flood light 20W  
  portable LED Flood light 30W    
Model CL7 Series High power LED Flood light 120W High power LED Flood light 150W  
  High power LED Flood light 180W High power LED Flood light 200W?/td>  
  High power LED Flood light 240W  High power LED Flood light 280W  
  High power LED Flood light 320W